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Human activities are depleting the so-called “commons” given to us spontaneously by Nature and accessibile for the sustainable production and use of earth’s wealth.  The process driving this degenerative interaction is capitalist development, both constructive and destructive: this dualism has been perpetuated for about two centuries and transforms ethical and social values into mere economic values.  For Capital, the sole value is the maximization of profit: this is the great engine of this process leading to disaster. If it does not destroy the environment, it destroys itself. 

Thanks to the natural greenhouse effect, we have a temperature on Earth of about 15°C. Without that natural effect, the average temperature would be -18°C. However, if we continue to pollute the atmosphere without any control, given the recklessness of human activities, global warming will be our self–destruction. In fact, the rising temperatures will reduce the ability of plants to absorb CO2.The environment needs care and stewardship of the common resources. Protesting  nature means protecting ourselves.

Mercoledì, 29 Maggio, 2019